CWP (Comprehensive Waste Land Programme.)


GCF in 2004-05 was selected by DWDA (District Watershed Development Agency) for Pudukkottai District as a sponsored NGO for CWP (Comprehensive Waste Land Programme). 







ATMA (Agricultural Technology Management Agency).

GCF, from 2006-07 onwards, has been selected as a District level NGO for ATMA.  GCF is also one of the management committee members for ATMA for Pudukkottai District and till date it is continuing as a governing member.






NWDPRA- (National Watershed Programme for Rain fed Agriculture)
GCF, In 2008-09, had been selected as a sponsored NGO for NWDPRA for Pudukkottai District. GCF worked along with PIA of NWDPRA.







IAMWARM - Irrigated Agriculture Modernization and Water Restoration and Management.  (A World Bank Project)

GCF, from the inception of IAMWARM project in Pudukkottai District, has been the only NGO to be selected in the district by virtue of its past reliable performance for successfully working along with all related Govt., departments for popularizing various schemes of both State and Central.








Dept. of Agri Business & Marketing - Commodity groups
GCF was appointed to act as facilitator by Dept. of Agri Business & Marketing   under Tamilnadu Govt., IAMWARM Scheme for direct sale of milk, pulses & maize through commodity groups. To elaborate, responsibility of forming of commodity groups for different crops growers, tie up with entrepreneurs through buy back system and contract farming system has been given to Green Care Foundation the only NGO in Tamil Nadu to be given so by Department of Marketing and Agri Business and also by  a  national bank - State Bank of India.


ABC-(Agri Business Centre)

GCF, has been allotted responsibility for maintenance of Agri Business Centre in Pudukkottai District (first and the only one in Tamilnadu, till date) as a pilot project by Govt. of Tamilndau.








National Horticulture Mission-(NHM)
 GCF, as a NGO has been appointed as a district level executive member of NHM Committee.NHM, National Horticulture Mission, has been formed as a Centrally Sponsored Scheme to promote holistic growth by the Central Government through State Government. .




National Food Security Mission - (NFSM)


GCF, as a NGO, has been appointed as a district level executive member of the committee for the following sections - 

1. National Food Security Mission - Pulses (NFSM-Pulses) since 2009.
2. National Food Security Mission – Rice    (NFSM-Rice)    since 2011
The main objective of this recently launched scheme is to increase production and productivity of wheat, rice and pulses on a sustainable basis. It is envisaged to focus on Pudukkottai district, one of many districts which have high potential but relatively low level of productivity performance, at present.



HISTORICAL, Cultural, Tourism Activities of GCF-

GCF, interests are wide and varied.  It has promoted Artistic, Cultural and Historical tourism at Sithannavasal, near Pudukkottai town, an ancient archeological Jain Cave Temple Complex, where sculptures and coloured frescoes are exquisite and abundant to the extent of being called  “Ajantha
of South India.”  In recognition of GCF multifaceted services, its Chairman,  as an individual has been exclusively selected by the District Collector as a  Lifetime Executive Member and GCF as a NGO, Administrative Member of "Sithannavasal Development and Tourism Promotion Society”.