GCF Farm Forestry Programme - Causurina trees well grown in waste land.

GCF organizing for milk Collection from group in village and transported to town by Dept. of Agri Marketing Van and GCF owned van

GCF guidance - More Productivity of paddy with Diversification under ATMA.

GCF Farm Forestry Programme - Eucalyptus trees well grown in waste land

GCF Watershed area Beneficiary contributing their share by working in the field under NABARD Watershed Project

1. To develop, support, promote, execute, train and offer consultancy, in modern agricultural, horticultural and farming activities in an eco-friendly sustainable environment to the farming community.

2. To identify, participate, undertake, promote, harness and develop waste land cultivation programmes in agricultural or renewable afforestation activities.

3. To produce quality Agro-forestry and fruit seedlings and supplying them to the farming community at subsidised rates.


4. To undertake Govt., Wasteland Development schemes and Govt. sponsored programmes in order to convert wasteland including degraded ones, into green ones.


5. To impart non formal education, computer education and vocational training in rural and urban communities (inclusive of semi-rural & semi urban).

6.To establish homes for mentally retarded & differently abled children, widows, spinsters and divorced, destitute & deserted women and old people of all genders.


7. To establish educational institutions in Paramedical courses with special emphasis on Lab Technology, Mid-Wifery and Physiotherapy.

8. To develop, support, promote, execute, offer consultancy, training in bio-diesel harvesting plantation, generation of energy from bio waste and in other forms of regenerating eco friendly energy development projects.

9. To develop, support, promote, execute and offer consultancy in water management, and soil conservation projects in agricultural related activities.

10. To promote and assist social management research in agriculture, horticulture, and organic farming methods and seed preservation management techniques.